In 1959, as senior year, Bruce stopped in to visit Bob at the store while visiting La Crosse. It was that visit where Bob asked Bruce if he had interest in buying the store. The very next day they inventoried the store and on Monday morning Bruce returned to college the owner of the Super Ice Cream store.  Bruce and his wife, Beverly, worked together to grow the business. They offered around 30 flavors of ice cream when they first started. Central High School was located only a couple of blocks away at the time. Ranison was usually busy after school with kids buying ice cream and penny candy. About ten years later Central High School moved to a new location on Losey Boulevard, which caused business in the wintertime to slow.  Bruce learned that a downtown candy store was closing so he decided to buy the equipment and make candy. This would be the answer to the sudden decrease in business. As the candy business increased the flavors of ice cream would also grow to over sixty.  In the early 1970’s Bruce renamed the business Ranison Ice Cream and it has kept the name ever since.
Bruce Ranis filling ice cream containers from the freezer. The 30 flavors were usually produced at night so they would be ready for the next morning.
Beverly Ranis hand-packing ice cream for a waiting customer. Hand-packed ice cream had much less air in it than pre-packaged containers.
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