According to city records the building that Ranison is located in was built around 1903. A grocery store was the first business to open at this street address. In 1933, Bob and Helen McVey opened the Super Ice Cream store. With the location being in a residential area the summer provided a steady stream of children frequenting the store to cool off with the fresh made ice cream. Bruce Ranis began his career working after school and during noon hours. He learned how to make ice cream while performing his regular duties that included clerking and washing out cream cans. The time came where Ranis graduated from high school and would soon leave for college. Bob McVey assured Ranis that he would be welcome back to work during the summer to help him pay his way through college.  He attended Elmhurst College in Illinois where he studied elementary education.

Ranison Ice Cream at 706 South 16th Street in La Crosse, WI
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